Hangers and Supports

Pipe hangers and supports are used to hold the pipe routing in predetermined positions and help to transfer the occurring pipe stresses and loads to the relevant structures.

The LISEGA product range is a comprehensive modular pipe support program which offers technical solutions for all typical industrial applications.

A high degree of automation, efficient series production and high flexibility for special designs set LISEGA apart from other manufacturers.

Individual Components of Pipe Supports

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Constant Hangers and Constant Supports
The role of the constant hangers and supports is to transfer the operating load of the pipeline evenly and without significant variations throughout the entire range of movement of the pipeline. Thanks to their design, constant hangers and supports allow the spring force to be converted into a constant force over a large vertical range of motion.
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Spring Hangers and Spring Supports

Spring hangers and supports are used to compensate for small vertical displacements in the pipe system. The function of these components is based on pre-set compression coil (helical) springs, which have a variable load capacity over a range of movement according to their predetermined spring characteristics.

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Dynamic Components

Snubbers are used for thermally stressed components. In the event of a dynamic impact, snubbers immediately provide an almost rigid connection between the damped component and the surrounding structure.

Rigid struts form a rigid connection in the axial direction between the pipe and the building. As they have ball joints at the connection points, they allow limited movements around the angle of rotation without resistance.

Clamps are required to transfer dynamic loads, absorbing and transmitting dynamic forces.

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Pipe Clamps, Clamp Bases, Pipe Connections

Pipe clamps, clamp bases and pipe connections are the most stressed components in heat conducting pipes. Due to their surrounding insulation, it is difficult to inspect them on a regular basis. Special attention must therefore be paid to their design.

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Roller Bearings, Pipe Saddles and Cryogenic Pipe Supports
Piping systems, laid horizontally over long distances, are supported by rolling bearings and anchor points. The support points are rolling or sliding. Roller bearings are the optimum solution for pipelines with large diameters and high loads. Cryogenic pipe supports are used in industrial processes for the production, transport and distribution of liquefied gases.
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Connection Components

The connections of this product group are bolting components for connecting threaded rods to other supporting components. They connect components in load chains to their counterparts such as threaded lugs, U-bolts or eyelets.

Threaded and tie rods connect the load-bearing components to each other in order to bridge installation heights. They can be used as rigid supports and in spring-mounted load chains with spring and constant hangers.

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Structural Attachments, Slide Plates

Special components for welding or clamping are available for connecting the pipe supports to the supporting structure.

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